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I want makup photos of my pets =)

I have cat and dog and want edit photos of them)

Lilu , 09.07.2010, 12:25

like to makup photos of friends and pets

ladywinkie, 30.10.2010, 22:41

to take yellow and blue eye out of animals eyes

some pics you take of your animals there eyes comes out either yellow or blue.I need something to take that out.

Tracyjo242, 10.08.2010, 08:58
Idea status: under consideration


Mohit, 20.07.2010, 15:24
good thing
merty, 13.09.2010, 10:26
thx for thiz..i want to edit my photo again,,
opester, 06.02.2016, 23:12
I'm wondering if there is a way to get the "face in the hole" templates to accept animal photos? I have some great face pics of my cats, but I can't seem to get that feature to recognize the face...any suggestions or plans in process?
markova, 08.02.2016, 08:20
Dear Opester! First of all our algorithm aims to edit human photos. However, sometimes it can wrongly detect animal face and thus edit.

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